Due to the holiday weekend, the meeting scheduled for July 4, 2016 will be held on the 11th of July.

The Downtown Arts Council (DAC) has invited us to participate in their window display for the month of March.  Each member can display 1 or 2 woodturnings.  It can be displayed “for show only” or “for sale”. 

Don’t forget the turn-in this Saturday, the 27th.

Next Meeting will be Monday, March 7th.

Saturday February 27 is our Turn-in at our regular meeting place. We will have lathes, tools and wood ready to make sawdust and we welcome anyone interested to come and learn to turn. There is no charge of any kind and you will meet some great people.

Welcome to WordPress and the new website for our woodturning club. This is our first post so that we can see how news and updated information will look on our site as we update our members.  These entries can be created, edited, and deleted.  All members will have the ability update and post if they desire.